Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate

Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate is inactive spray dried yeast containing a non-standardized amount of Vitamin D. It is designed to replace the use of Vitamin D3 in all applications especially in bakery products, in particular for clean label, and for vegetarian and vegan baking applications.


Product description
  • Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate is pure Vitamin D2 bakers yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) for inclusion in flours used for bread, variety breads, buns, rolls and fine bakery products.
  • It must be blended with other ingredients to get the desired concentration as explain below in “Applications and Usage Level.”
  • It is especially suitable for Vitamin D enrichment of flour.

*For a variety breads and fine bakery products tailor usage levels to suit the individual needs of each product and conditions


Advantages of Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate

  • Delivers consistency with same levels of quality and vitamin D levels each and every time
  • Absolute convenient and accurate scaling based on the flour weight
  • Specific solutions for any batch size
  • Made 100% from ingredients of vegetarian origin making suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Replaces the use of Vitamin D3 in bread recipes where « good » and « excellent source » Vitamin D content claims are required
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