Lalmin Vita D Blends

Lalmin Vita D Blends
Lallemand Health Ingredients develops unique yeast-based health ingredients formulated to address specific market needs.
Lalmin® VitaD® yeast is used in combination with other Lalmin® yeast products containing elevated levels of specific minerals and/or vitamins for specific and customized formulations:
• Lalmin® Combi (Multi-minerals & vitamins, possibly including Lalmin® VitaD)
• Lalmin® Immune (Lalmin® VitaD®, Lalmin® Se, Yeast Beta-Glucans)
• Lalmin® Women (Lalmin® VitaD®, Lalmin® Cr, Lalmin® B-Complex Vitamins)
• Lalmin® Beauty, Sport & Vitality, Detox
Thanks to gentle processing conditions, the level of essential nutrients naturally present in yeast is preserved in all Lalmin® products, bringing additional yeast nutritive qualities and healthy image.

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