Eagle Fresh Yeast

Lallemand Eagle® fresh bakers yeast is available only in North America. It is available in different forms, the main difference being the moisture and the vitamin D contents. Though each form has certain advantages over the others, the choice of which to use will depend on the requirements of the recipes and the baking equipment at hand.


Suitable for all types of yeast raised baked and frozen products: white pan breads, variety breads, buns, rolls Danish, sweet rolls, pretzels, bagels, etc. where the added benefit of vitamin D is desired.

Contains typically 680 IU vitamin D/100g (Method AOAC 982.29-modified)


Fresh cream yeast can be used in all yeast leavened application with these added advantages:

  • Natural and vegetarian source of vitamin D
  • Consistency - standardized activity
  • Reduced inventory - just in time manufacturing
  • Ease of handling - reduced handling costs
  • Improved activity - achieved through improved dispersion
  • Clean operation - no packaging waste, environmentally friendly
  • Savings reduced raw material costs
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